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  Electric & Electronic   Construction  
Household appliances' components including water heaters, ovens etc. Such as:
  Anode Tester
  Capillary Thermo-Regulator
  Capillary Thermo-Cut-Off
  Other Capillary Thermostats
  Tubular Heating Elements
  Thermal Indicators
  Water Pressure Valves
  Mg Alloys
  Stainless Steel Sheet & Belts
Variety of construction framework and formwork elements. Such as:
  H20-beam / I-beam
  Adjustable Props
  OA Raised Floor
  Eco Sanply
  Formwork Accessories
  Order Process Tracking  
Registered customers online order process and shipment tracking
  Latest News  
06.30.07 |Saneco is about to introduce its new Filmfaced Framework Plywood. The combination of steel and wood makes the plywood stronger than the others available in the market...
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