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  Thermal Indicator
Electric water heaters, gas water heaters, storage tanks and boilers
Shows the approximate temperature inside the water heater tank
  • OEM display design

  • Customizable drill length

  • A variety of temperature ranges

  • RoHS compliant (non-RoHS also available)
Certificates & Standards
Minimum order Quantity
5,000 pcs. per type
  Technical Characteristics
SKU# Drill Length Description
SJWH-1/RE* n.a.¹ Rectangular/ 30-85C°
SJWH-4/RO* 30/40 Round/ 30-85C°
SJWH-5/RE* 30/40 Rectangular/ 30-85C°
SJWH-5C/RE* 37/47 Rectangular/ 30-85C°
SJWH-7A/RE* 30/40 Rectangular/ 30-85C°
SJWH-7C/RE* 37/47 Rectangular/ 30-85C°
SJWH-8A/RE* 30/40 Rectangular/ 30-85C°
SJWH-8C/RE* 37/47 Rectangular/ 30-85C°
SJWHT25/RO* n.a.¹ Round/ -10-100C°
  Additional Information
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• Datasheet
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